Is it bad to eat dinner before a work out?!

Question: Is it bad to eat dinner before a work out?

Yes, your going to cramp up. Try eating and letting 3 or so hours pass by so you can workout. Plus, you wouldn't want to be working out bloated would you?

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well it's good to eat something before working out. like a snack, but i won't have a whole meal before working out. when you eat a lot, your body focuses on digesting the food you ate and not on exercising so it makes it harder to work out. plus, it's never too comfortable to work out with a full stomach. however, don't workout without eating anything because this can make your blood sugar level go too low

Yes, it is always bad to eat a meal before a work out. Maybe try eating a snack, working out, and THEN having dinner.

No. Its okay for you because you might be getting protein and all that and its great before a workout and after.

Your stomach is most likely to start hurting.

yes... your body needs time to digest the food before a good workout..

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