Doo you think I need to lose some weight? (picture included :P)?!

Question: Doo you think I need to lose some weight? (picture included :P)?


It is not a very clear picture, but judging from what I can see I think you need to lose about 20 pounds and do exercise to tone up. Good luck.

weight trainer

Probably not from a health perspective, but you probably want to not gain any.

Being fit has a lot of benefits just aside from looking great. Try P90X. Great, inexpensive home workout program. Well worth what you'll invest into it. It's tough, but you'll drop pounds, get stronger, and develop good eating habits.

Noo! You're so pretty and you have a nice shape :)

Nope :)


Nooooo gurll!!!! of course not! you are just fine!!!!
And Im lovinnn the flower dress btw! :)


read about it here
open the first and fifth brown link
there for more info

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