How to tone your upper body without losing much muscle?!

Question: How to tone your upper body without losing much muscle?
Well I've been eating as much as I can all the time to get bigger, I'm 5'9 155 lbs at the moment and gaining weight is very difficult for me. Summer is coming up soon though and I want to tone my body and look ripped in the summer! =D Abs are probably the most difficult to keep toned because fat builds on your stomach more than any where else (or so it seems..).

What is the best way to eat when toning your body (mostly upper such as abs, chest, arms, etc) without losing too much muscle? 12-15 reps instead of the usual 1-3, or 5-6 like I have been doing?

Suggestions please! =D


DOn't want to lose some muscles then do a little bit or strength training. And jog jog jog like crazy, do cardio exercises like crazy and maintain a healthy diet. The only way to get rid of fat is to reduce the fat around your whole body, because genetics also play a part in where your fats are located.

I cant seem to lose the fat on top of my abdominal muscle, regardless of how extreme the exercise I do or how complicated my cutting back with diet, (no starving myself please). There has to be an easier solution, cuz the fat over the stomach just won't give in. So I tried so many things, and I found this 2 weeks ago. This technique is awesome. I tried it for 2 wks and lo and behold the six-pack is starting to appear, Wow! in 1 more month & I'm pretty sure I will have the full six-pack, wish me plenty of luck! I stumpled upon this technique over here:

a year ago I was actually at 5'9 155 pounds just like you, I know the feeling. You have fat and you feel overweight but are a healthy weight by doctor's standards. Basically try to stay at a consistent 300 calories of what you would have to eat and burn the rest off. Muscle loss only occurs when you rapidly try to lose weight, we are talking about 800+ calorie food diet from your recommended intake. I personally aimed for around 145 lb by last summer around this time, which is about the weight you would start to see your abs and muscles, and feel much healthier. You should range for 140-155 depending what you want.

Also what is your muscle goal, getting toned is 12-15 reps, muscle size (hypertrophy) is 6-10 reps, strength which is power over size is 1-6 reps.

Keep in mind that muscle weights more than fat, if you want huge muscles you may want to stay 150+ lb, if you want to look thin but have some muscles you would need to be 140-150.

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