How fast will i lose weight on this plan?!

Question: How fast will i lose weight on this plan?
I am not really on a diet, but i am choosing to eat healthier. I'm not snacking or drinking pop. I also don't eat much sweets.I am 5 ft tall and 130 lbs at 16 years old. I am just started running twenty minutes 4 days a week. I also do 100 sit ups a day and bike for ten minutes. How much weight will I lose by June?


Your weight loss will depend on what your calorie intake is. You can snack - just make sure they are healthy snacks. Eliminate the processed and fried foods. Eat fruit or veggies for snacks.

Order wine by the glass, not the bottle. That way you’ll be more aware of how much alcohol you’re downing. Moderate drinking can be good for your health, but alcohol is high in calories. And because drinking turns off our inhibitions, it can drown our best intentions to keep portions in check.

it depends on how you metabolize the foods you do eat, but you should see results since you are doing al of the right things.
Good Luck!

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