what is the best way to stay commited in weight loss journey?!

Question: What is the best way to stay commited in weight loss journey?

for me, the reason why i started is because of my prom coming up in june. i don't have the money to buy a new dress, so i'm gonna wear a dress that i wore about 4 years, that i can fit into, but it's very tight around the hips and stomach. mind you, 4 years ago, i was way thinner than i am now. about 30 pounds lighter. so i'm working to get back to that weight bc i've let myself go a lot. that's the only thing that has kept me going. i leave my dress out on my closet in my bedroom so i always look at it, and i try it on frequently to see that gradually it's getting looser. there is NO greater feeling than knowing you're busting your a$$ every day and it's actually PAYING OFF. seriously. i am notorious for being the classic yo-yo dieter. being so healthy for a week or two, and going off the diet so fast and gaining everything i lost back and more weight. it's a vicious cycle that i am putting an end to now. i am starting college in the fall so this is also another way to "reinvent myself' so to speak. i started the "lifestyle change" a bit more than 3 weeks ago and i've lost 13 pounds already. ever since starting, i've started caring about how i look more.. not in a bad way.. but in a way that i actually give a crap now. before, i would always wear jeans and tshirts and my hair in a bun. now, i'm wearing makeup (never ever wore makeup before and i'm 18!!), dressing nicer, and not wearing sneakers all the time, and actually taking the time out to do my hair in the morning. when i look good, i feel better about myself and want to continue to fit into that dress.
anyway, if you actually read all that..congrats lol. that's how i stay motivated. i have a goal in sight (to fit into that beautiful black dress for prom) and i don't wanna feel self conscious that i look fat and ugly. i stay commited because i WANT it this time. all the times that i've failed in the past, i didn't have a set goal. now i do, and i feel that is what is keeping me motivated and what is different this time. for example, for you, your goal is to be able to buy a bikini! that's an AWESOME motivation to live a better lifestyle..

okay i'm rambling now. i hope you got something out of that bc that answer took a lot of time to write lol

good luck and don't give up hope <3

Think of it as a lifestyle change, not a temporary "trip"...this is the new you, eating better and execising regularly...when you hit your goal, then you can adjust your calories and activity for maintenance, but don't stop eating right and don't stop exercising (or you'll lose all that hard work, and regain the weight)...

Think of the cute, smaller clothes you'll be able to wear...how much better you'll like what you see in the mirror...how life will improve in many ways...

former fat chick

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