Will I gain any muscle or just fat from this?!

Question: Will I gain any muscle or just fat from this?
Im 14, a girl, Im 5"2, and I weight about 84lbs.

Today I ate: breakfast: 2 wheat biscuits (i vow to cut down to 1 tomorrow)

Recess: 300ml vanilla malt milk

snack: 2 spoons ice cream, 20g (lil packet) of potato chips

Dinner: 1 sausage, 1/4 raw carrot, 1/4 potato, 1 piece brocilli and cauliflower, 1 spoon of peas and corn (all veg steam cooked)

between binge snack and dinner, I did 50+ jumping jacks, 50+ reverse crunches, 50+ 2.5lbs weight lifts, 50+ 5lbs weight lifts

I do very little lifts

My measurements in " are 30-20-28 is this bad or good?

am i an hourglass, apple, pear, ruler, box or round?


You sound petite just in being 84 lbs. It seems like you don't really eat breakfest and there's no lunch, which Idk how you do (You get recess at 14?? That's AWESOME). I'd cut the snack out, eat a bowl of cereal, and find something for lunch...

The Jumping jacks would actually be aerobic exercise, so you'd burn fat, but it's more of a cheap warm-up that won't do a whole lot. The reverse crunches are good, I'm impressed that you can do fifty, it's a pain in the bottom for me to do. The low weight dumbells at high reps are good for toning. My teacher gets excited when we do 4x10 or 4x8 in weight room, cus he says that's where you really get muscle, but I'd think you're just toning with that weight, high reps.

If you wanna burn fat, you gotta run, walk, bike, swim, somethin' that keeps your body in constant motion. That's the way to burn fat. I lost 65 pounds, walking, jogging, running, and then joining track. It won't really give you muscle like weights, past maybe you're skinny enough that all that's left is muscle (I wish I had that goin' for me...). The lifts you're doin' might tone a weee bit. The reverse crunches will give you ab muscle, and encourage fat burning there, but u still need to excite the body into burning fat.

Unfortunately, your measurements don't mean anything to me, but you sound like somebody that should be pretty skinny and they're paranoid that they're fat. I appreciate wanting to look good, and know first hand that once you get fat, it's incredibly difficult to look beast (I got a LOT of excess skin that shows off whatever fat I got), but I'd reevalute what you're doing a little bit. I write down my food, excersize, and weight at morning and night daily to keep myself in check, but I never really pay attention to my diet. I'm concious that I need to cut back on some stuff, and writing my intake helps that, but in the end I run it all off, and even though my weight loss plateaued, I get more solid and less squishy all the time.

One last side note: Intense aerobic exercise is counterproductive to anaerobic exercise and vice-versa. The kind of running I do tears down the body, so it's hard to make muscle. So if you focus on relaxing to get muscle, you lose the ability to do the aerobic exercise at a good level. It's prally good to have balance depending on what you wanna do and what you wanna look like

Your whole regiment is flawed but first if you intake calories no matter what the food it will be fat a calorie is a calorie the key is to burn them off might I suggest higher weight dumbbells instead of reverse crunches do bicycles instead if jumping jacks do pushups as for the measurements I am not a female so I couldn't say


This is not enough food, you will become bloaded because of such little consumption, your excersize is right but your diet is way off, you should quadrupile your food consumption this way you will gain muscle, muscle helps you lose weight so dont worry, main thing is easy more!

personal trainer

Your BMI is 15.4 which means you're underweight. Be careful from cutting from your diet as can be dangerous for your health.

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