My neighbours are fat people does this mean i have a chance to become fat also?!

Question: My neighbours are fat people does this mean i have a chance to become fat also?
They weigh heaps and are ugly too. I read somewhere that if your neighbours are fat you have a 60% chance of being fat aswell


HAHAAA omg yes! The neighbours of the kardashians are very lucky cause they will get it in all the right places :P ... on another note if you lived next door to Bieber your creative energy would decreases by a substantial amount.

That made me chuckle. No, obesity is not an infectious disease spread through the air. That statistic you read probably referred to social factors: People in the same neighbourhood the people tend to have similar financial situations and educational background. (note: Not everyone is the same as their neighbours, it's just a statistical tendency). And these two factors are known to influence the weigth and general health of a person (Again, only statistically. Of course there are also fat rich people and healthy eating poor people.)

lol,it ALL depends what YOU put in your mouth ,so no...

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