Does drinking A LOT of water help you eat less?!

Question: Does drinking A LOT of water help you eat less?

It fills up your stomach and allows you to store less food when you eat. Therefore you feel more full quicker.

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The answer to your question depends on so many possible variables that it cannot possibly be the same for all people. For example, when do you drink the water? How much is a lot? Do you prefer bloating over filling or neither? Does it make you hyperacidic? How much do you miss the food you would have eaten otherwise? Can you accommodate a lot of water and less nutrition? Etc. Etc.

If the purpose of eating less is to burn fat, drinking a lot of water is not the answer. It's not the best way to lose fat. A much better way is to eat food often; about every two hours during waking time. Control caloric intake through food selection and portion size and drink whatever beverage works for you as you in whatever quantity works for you.

Here's an example of my intake --->…

Sooo, I guess the answer to your question is maybe yes, maybe no depending on the individual and the circumstance.

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Yes it fills you up leaving less space in your stomach for food. Many trainers advise that you drink 2 glasses of water just before you eat so that you will eat less. Also sometimes your actually thirsty when you think you`re hungry. So instead of eating, drink some water and see if the hunger goes away. If it doesn`t, then you`re hungry.

water is necessary for your health . it flushes out fat and toxic materials. if you drink a glass of water before you eat it will make you feel full. the best way to diet is to eat slow. taste each morsel and relish it. you will find out that you will eat less at one sitting that way. also, if you feel extreme thirst it is a sign you may be dehydrating. also i learned that sometimes we think we are hungry when in reality we are thirsty. do not deny yourself food for you will pack on more pounds when you eat. what you need is to eat small meals several times a day and do not eat before bedtime. i wish you well and know that water will not take the place of food though.

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You are supposed to drink up to 2-3 liters of water, but don't drink too much cause you can die.

No. However, it causes toxins and fat to be released from your body. So it's very healthy.

No buddy, I don't think so that it happens.
watering yourself is good for health and skin.


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