What can i do please Help im obiese..?!

Question: What can i do please Help im obiese..?
Ive been on a diet for the past 6 months i used to weight 285 pounds now im 200 pounds total loss of 85 pounds i feel so obiese still, idk if thats normal, but thats how i feel, i used to be a size xxl going on xxxl 42 size jeans and now im size 36/34 size Large shirt. im 6'2 20 years old... idk whats wrong i just feel so obiese as i felt before, is this normal? i still want to loose around 30 more pounds, but recently i have been giving up my diet and just staying home all day and watching tv... i want to lose 30 pounds in the next 2 to 3 months... will this help if i go on a 1300 calorie diet, with 1 hr run at 6mph 2hr bike ride and 1hr soccer activity daily?


Since you had lost so much weight you will have loose and saggy skin (skin folds with fat in them) which will make you appear more fat than lean even though your waist size has gone down .I think this is what happened to you.Start using abdominal belt over your abs which will tighten them.
Along with that Start a Weight training program and build muscle which will tone up your body .
Before Starting your new weight loss program Do a Body Composition Analysis test and keep track of your Lean Mass and Fat Percentage.If You are losing your Lean Mass instead of Fat ,you are on a wrong track.You have to target losing fat and not weight.This should be your goal.

ya friend it was so good thing that you have all ready reduced a good no of mass. Don't give up your diet or else within few weeks only your weight will again more than your older one. This is just like chain reac. When you give up your diet it restart storing the fats. And as far as your height and age concern your weight is ok but if still you feel heavy and uncomfortable you can reduce it for about 15/25

You've done a great job of losing weight, so why are you giving up?
You are way to hard on yourself, so lighten up.
Keep up the good work, and you'll get there.
Keep up the exercise.
And get out of the house everyday.
Check out : myloseweightfastandsafe.com
There is a lot of interesting info there for you.
You'll definitely get there!
All the best,

firstly dont play soccer its gay, secondly of course you should still feel obese, you weigh more than i do and i am way taller than you , hope i helped

Biology text books

Yeah that'll work but don't over-do it, you'll burn out. 6'2" and 200 isn't all that bad. Losing 30 more pounds might be too much. depends on your frame I guess.

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