How can I lose 80-100 lbs in 4 months?!

Question: How can I lose 80-100 lbs in 4 months?
well i am 5' 8 and i weigh 220! i know i am fat and i hate it, people always make fun of me! My birthday is coming up in about 9 days (i will be turning 13) and i just really want to lose about 80-100 lbs in 4 months?
Please no jokes like cut off and arm or leg ):


Start eating healthy. Like broccoli lettuce carrots. Big salads with out meat. Mix it in with a cup(actual measurement) of balsamic vinegar. And pick up cardio and lifting. I know the vinegar sounds gross but my sis did this and lost like 12-15 pounds in two weeks


I honestly can say that I feel your pain, and I'm just 22. I also have a disease called Lymphedema and its difficult to lose weight with a condition like that. Believe me I've tried everything under the sun. I'm currently using a program called Zumba Fitness. This workout is based upon dancing and I have to admit its kind of difficult to do at first until you get all the dance steps down. This is a workout that eveyone is talking about, and its fun you can do it at home like I do especially if you're too embarrassed to hit the gym. If you're not too embarrassed then call around to your local gyms like curves. I know Curves has a Zumba Fitness class for its members. I hope this helps you out a great deal.

Sweetie we all go through an akward phase in life whether it be braces, or being a few pounds overweight. You will eventually lose the baby fat though i promise. i have to tell u though that losing between 80-100 pounds in 4 mos is extremely unhealthy for a kid of your age. what i would do if i were u is go see your family doctor and set up an excerise regiment and diet plan with him/her that is healthy and safe. and for the kids that tease u ...... well karma is a .... stinker and itll catch up to them. trust me.

Losing that much weight in that short of a time is extremely dangerous i recomend you start eating better doing some general light workouts and start slowly on progressing to a skinnier you.

feel free to email me with any questions!


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