Debating whether I should get a chin up/pull up bar,some advice?!

Question: Debating whether I should get a chin up/pull up bar,some advice?
Should I get a pull up bar, or should I stick with pushups?


You should do 4 sets of 25 pushups alternating with 4 sets of 25 crunches continuously do three sets twice a day and dont stop at all when your doing these and you'll be good


a chin up/ pull up bar is great for your upper body (biceps, back, triceps, obliques, abs/ core, shoulders, etc...)
pushups also work on your upper body, but more in a push motion while the pull up / chin up bar obviously involves pulling.
If you're looking to keep in good condition, I would strongly recommend buying the bar.
Your body gets used to the pushups because it is the same motion over and over (although you can incorporate many different push up routines/sets). By purchasing a pull up / chin up bar, you can throw your muscles into a state of confusion (which is good for muscles). If you think of the long term, if you utilize your different body weight workouts and create a good diet, you can become very toned (depending on your sets).
in conclusion: buying a pull up bar=GETTING RIPPED. haha

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there's a book that addresses using your own body for workouts; check out…

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