what burns more fat. Riding a stationairy bike Vigorously for 5minutes. or at a !

Question: What burns more fat. Riding a stationairy bike Vigorously for 5minutes. or at a steady pace for 50minutes.?

Studies have shown that a constant pace, be it walking-running-swimming or whatever, burns less fat than a high-intensity workout for a much shorter amount of time. These HIIT workouts are usually done in the following manner:
For biking for instanace:
1 minute of vigorous riding, followed by 30 seconds of a slower (but not too slow) riding, following by 1 minute of vigorous riding again, followed by another 30 seconds of a slower pedaling. This is done for a total of many 8-10 minutes.
Reason: Constant pacing creates a plateau effect on your body. Your body becomes used that constant pace. You see it all the time in gyms: People pedaling on a bike while watching TV. They are not even aware of what's going on because their body has become used to it. In the same manner, an athlete who runs 10 miles a day isn't going to get much slimmer because the body becomes accustomed to the stress. Vigorous and explosive training, on the other hand, doesn't allow the body to get used to it. The explosive start and training during that intense minute causes the body to mobilize fat and carbs to fuel those fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers. Creating resistance is harder. Systems like the P-90X often employ these methods, just as the military and training camps do. In fact, most of us body builders employ this method because it's highly effective at fat burning, without the fatiguing and catabolic effects constant pacing has on muscles.

Steady pace

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