I am going to Join a 24hour Gym, can someone please give me helpful advice / tip!

Question: I am going to Join a 24hour Gym, can someone please give me helpful advice / tips. Greatly appreciated.?
it is Jets 24hour gym.
it has plenty of equipment for me to sustain a healthy weight and size.
I work on thursday from 3pm to 7pm, and friday 2pm to 7pm, saturday 4pm to 7pm.
i mainly would like to work on my cardio, so i am willing to ride my bike to the 24hour gym, in the morning to work out some on the treadmill. *i have an excercise bike at home which is used*

but what days *knowing i work 3 evenings a week* should i work on my bicepts, tricepts, chest, shoulders and back. and what machines should i use. *i will figure out on my own how many reps / sets.*
and is there any special diet you can help me with, to speed up weight loss? *not looking for muscle, for now, mainly weight loss.*


Dont waste your money on a gym membership that you will hardly ever use.
Get a home workout program that is a fraction of the cost. It will save you lots of time as well.
An hour program at home will take a little over an hour, including getting ready and showering after. Going to the gym will take nearly 2 hours for a one hour workout and there will be no one guiding you and motivating you.........>

Get something like P90X or Insanity. You will be fit in no time and exceed your goals and maintain them for as long as you desire without a continuous monthly or yearly cost for a gym membership.......>

Team Beachbody Coach

Please note everyone knows you should never join a gym these days that has a year contract or 2. You just never know if you have to move or cant go or get sick or hurt etc. So bad financial decision to sign contracts for gym memberships.

You only work 3 days a week and a few hours a day so you have all that time before and after and on off days so you have all that time to exercise whenever you want. You should just go 5 days a week and alternate weight days with cardio days, at least 30 minutes.

It's a great idea to make focus on your health, if you wanted to loss more weight and don't have much time on gym. Maybe you should try what I was taking.


powder your armpits or bring deodorant with you!! eat an big meal the night before!!! don't waste your time on crunched try doing cardio the whole time cause it works the best!!!


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