Can too much tea be bad for you?!

Question: Can too much tea be bad for you?
For many years I have enjoyed a large cup of indian tea, however while travelling recently I was unable to have my beloved tea and suffered with torturous headaches for 2 - 3 weeks. I have now reduced my tea intake to a minimum and I am no longer addicted to it. I did not realise I had an addiction to tea.


Tea is bad for you only so far as excessive caffeine intake is bad for you. That is pretty much the only significant reason that you need to moderate your intake of it.

If you add sugar to your tea, then that is another reason to limit it, since anyone interested in health limits their daily sugar intake as much as humanly possible.

These are some disadvantages of excess drinking of tea .... maybe one of these wud help u understand .... :)
if over consumption, may cause kidney damage
can irritate your stomach
drinking eight or nine daily duplicates the symptoms of ulcer
slows the digestion process
creates gas
causes diarrhea and constipation
affects respiratory and heart function
causes indigestion
overexcites the nervous system and causes palpitations

it can be depending on the tea, herbs can actually be bad for you depending on the type and amount and other factors and it sounds like that tea either had msg or caffeine or it could have been the herbs.


Sounds like caffeine addiction/withdrawal. Symptoms include killer headaches.

There are some instances that tea will have an effect on nervous system and kidneys. That is why people under 3 and above 45 ages will not be given too much.

Too much of anything is bad for you..

Yes it is bad for health

yes it depends on the tea ur taking..go to green tea it is good to tea can take any no of times...

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