If running after eating is bad for you, why does the army practice this?!

Question: If running after eating is bad for you, why does the army practice this?
I always feel sick when i run straight after breakfast, yet the army makes you do this on some days, also eating fast is bad too n yet sometimes in the army they make us do it, i mean cmon its not like we cant eat fast if needed to, but most the times are just stupid cos we do nothing afterwards, in war time it would be understandable but not during training...


That's why they call it training. Its just away to train you and make your body adapt to every situation, physically and mentally.

How would you be able to do it in war time if you never did it in training? It prepares you to be able to keep your food down during rigorous physical activity. If you didn't practice it, everyone would be throwing up on the battle field.

It also makes you stronger, because the weakest people are the first to puke in that situation.

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