Would you say i'm skinny or average!? (picture inside)?!

Question: Would you say i'm skinny or average!? (picture inside)?
I think i'm pretty average but i need some honest opinions.



Very skinny. And obviously very young. You won't always be this skinny, but you'll always have a beautiful figure.

I'm assuming you're American. In the US, average is a size 14. No, I'm not joking or exaggerating. It's the simple truth.

So stop obsessing about how you look. You're beautiful. Own it, and enjoy it, and relax about it. And focus on more important things, like your mind and your heart.


Your an idiot. A BMI below 17 doesn't mean you're too skinny. For one, height and bone structure play a huge role and not only that but activity levels as well.

Very skinny.

Skinny :)

Your really skinny..... like your curves are.... hot.

Im a dude? lol

definitely very skinny!


do a BMI search. if you,re below 18; you,re too thin.

Your skinny.

skinny. u need to get some meat on your bones=] but you do have a nice body;) lol

You're just right

Your curves are hot

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