I don't eat vegetables or drink milk can this be harmful to my body and wha!

Question: I don't eat vegetables or drink milk can this be harmful to my body and what do you call PPL like me?
What can I do to help build my bones without drinking milk or eating vegetables?


Take a multivitamin, and maybe some extra D on top of that.

Calcium tablets would help build stronger bones, although it is advised that they shouldn't be used as a replacement for a healthy diet. Dairy products are an extremely good source of calcium so if you eat things like yogurt, cheese etc it should help build your bones up.

I cant have milk (or large amounts of dairy) because it makes me sick, but vegetables are extremely important and should be included in your diet. vegetables are low in calories and fat and high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Commercial homogenized dairy isn't the healthiest thing to consume anyway, for a variety of reasons. You are much better off consuming either all-natural unsweetened almond or coconut milk instead (I combine them both together personally) and then adding in some quality organic protein supplement if you want to boost the protein levels up to a desired level. Besides, only a fraction (less than 1/3) of the calcium in dairy milk is even able to be absorbed and used properly by the body anyway, if calcium intake is your primary concern.

A large variety of veggies (either raw or lightly steamed/sauteed), healthy natural (unrefined/unaltered) fats, and quality proteins are pretty much the holy trinity of the healthiest eating regimen possible. Sugars and net-carbs should be restricted to certain modest levels daily, since they are the cause of all body fat weight gain (from a dietary standpoint) and a plethora of chronic health conditions.

If you have some kind of allergy towards milk products, or are lactose-intolerent, you can seek alternative sources for calcium and nutrients found in milk. There are plenty of other foods that give you the calcium you need to build strong bones. You could try soy milk too.

As for vegetables, you might as well get used to eating them because they're an essential part of your diet.

And why is that? That you don’t eat vegetables or drink milk?
I don’t like the taste of milk so I drink it with coffee or drink chocolate milk or strawberry milk.
You can get the lactose free kind (Lactaid) if you’re lactose intolerant.
Surely you like chocolate or then there is something wrong with you.
A cold or hot chocolate milk either refreshes me (cold) or warms me up (hot) but does wonders.

And what’s up with “I don’t eat vegetables”...I don’t know about any religion that do not allow you to eat vegetables. So it’s a taste thing? Then get your taste buds straighten out (it takes about 3 weeks to readjust them). Buy the Sneaky Chef book.


You can get calcium supplements but it's really best that you just drink milk and eat veggies. What are you a 5-year-old kid who can't eat his veggies and mommy has to force you? That's kind of strange for grown ups. If you're lactose intolerant, you can always get soy milk.

How is it possible you people who live without eating any vegetables. Only carnivores will live without taking vegetables. One thing you should remember that though it is not harmful it is not helpful to you and to your body.

I think you already know the answer: you should be eating vegetables. Lots of people don't drink milk (personally I don't consume much dairy at all). You should eat a balanced diet.

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