is 20 years old too late to become a vegetarian?!

Question: Is 20 years old too late to become a vegetarian?
If I have been eating a lot of meats and junk, drinking soda and such, if I change my habits would it still be worth it to become a vegetarian at 20 years old? Eating organic leafy greens fruits and nuts, taking vitamins and such, could I expect a change in my overall health?

I am a 6' 170 lb male. I am fairly healthy, never have been in the hospital, but I know that I could be in the hospital when I'm older if I eat the same way that I do now. Is it still possible to change the outcome or is it too late?


It's never too late but you need to make sure you're still getting at least the same amount of nutrition that you are now.

Unless you're committed to being a vegetarian, I recommend you just try eating a healthier diet including meats first and see how it affects you. Get as many servings of vegetables, fruits, grain and dairy as you can, exercise regularly and drink PLENTY of water. That should make a difference right there.

It's never too late. From your question I assume you are doing it for your health rather than for any moral reason, and that's ok. In that case, try shifting into the lifestyle slowly. Vegetarianism is not all about greens, it's about avoiding meat. Most vegetables actually provide a good amount of protein, and soy products have even more still. You may want to try Morningstar Farms brand products. They make meatless alternatives to every meat imaginable. Just start by cutting out the red meats, then if you want to the whites, and then the fish and poultry. Find some recipes that you enjoy, maybe a nice quiche, and see where it takes you.

No it's not too late. Besides you're ONLY 20 so i think it's safe to say you're not exactly old. It's ok to change for health reasons and not moral reasons,it's why i changed.Just make sure you really research this and don't just resort to eating crap again because it's "vegetarian". The reason why you become healthier is because you become more aware of your diet and what your body does and does not need.It is the focus on it which changes your health and not necessarily the diet itself. Good luck


You're only 20, why are you worrying about this? Your body can burn off all the junk and crap that you're eating.

Meat isn't unhealthy. Ribs, burgers, and fried chicken is unhealthy. If you want to be more cautious of your diet, you can always have lean baked beef/pork dished or lean turkey breast. There's fish and seafood too.

Becoming a vegetarian sucks. I'm currently giving up meat for lent and it's hard being the only one to not eat anything at a BBQ or birthday party. I've given up meat many times before (religious or diet purposes) and it's not easy. You actually end up eating a bunch of junk food or substitutes.

It's not to late! slap yourself in the face (optional*)!
however I don't think it's really necessary to go vegitarian. The good meat is helpful to your body. Obviously hot dogs, burgers, and fatty meat is bad. Sorry I don't know that much about it so you have to look up the "healthy" meats. Eat fish!

Maybe just cut back how much meat you eat and eat better quality meat not sausages, or pies. Definitely get rid of the junk food and soda's etc.


:D no meat touched this mouth since in was born !

its never too late o-o but it should be find as long as your not a vegan.

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