How is picking your nose and eating it "gross"?!

Question: How is picking your nose and eating it "gross"?
Not saying I pick my nose xD I'm just wondering why it's seen as "disgusting" and "gross" so pretty much just tell me your opinions. yay.


In reality, it's not actually that bad. You're just re-ingesting mucus that is produced by your body anyway. The gross factor comes from the fact that the mucus in your nose catches bacteria and dust in the air including dead skin cells and other unappetizing things that float around which are not the most scrumptious things you can think of to eat. People have been doing it for years, but there is evidence that it can make you more susceptible to colds and sickness because of the bacteria contained in the mucus.

That green stuff in your nose is dust and lent. Its also covered in germ carry mucus. To eat it you are putting mucus covered mass, that is carrying bacteria in your mouth and into your body. Buggers are also fungus. Your nose hairs keep this bacteria from getting into your body, so after a period of time a germ covered mass is created. So, I would have to say that is the reason we think its gross. So, don't eat your buggers too many of them will actuality make you sick. And also picking your nose makes you look goofy anyway.

My dad is a RN

I think its because the nose uses mucus and hair to capture dirt and bacteria before they go into the throat and lungs. The snot, germs, and dust particles are then rolled into lumps of greenish grey. Nothing about that sounds even remotely tasty to me. :/


It's about as gross as making soup in the toilet bowl.

I hope you never reproduce...

Thats a question i would've asked......*clears throat* idk

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