How to gain weight fast?!

Question: How to gain weight fast?
Im 16 around 5 ft 8 and about 8 stone i look pretty skinny and have bad upper body strength but good cardio. I especially want to gain weight around my shoulders and chest but i have a high metabolism i eat 2 good meals a day then snack A LOT but dont gain weight then i do around 6 hours running a week.
What should i be doing to generally gain a little bit of weight and muscle up especially around my shoulders biceps and chest without the use of a gym and only using dumb bells?


Eat carbs do push ups curls stop running so much and u can have a nice 36" chest too
With biceps measuring 20" inches

Eat lots of carbs ( pasta bread)
Large meals 3 times a day instead of snacks.
proper meals (meat and veg) in large portions will help you gain weight more than fast food
breakfast is important to maintain weight

Experience in trying to gain weight

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