Roughly how many calories was did I eat yesterday?!

Question: Roughly how many calories was did I eat yesterday?
I had a large bowl of oatmeal with a banana for breakfast
I drank water throughout the day
I missed lunch because I was out and about (dont usually miiss lunch).
I had a piece of chocolate cake for my friends birthday
Dinner I had chicvegetableable soup and 2 pieces of french bread
I had an orange for a snack later


hmmm... my guess :
bowl of oatmeal + banana = 350
piece of chocolate cake = 150
chicken and vegetable soup = 300
2 pieces of french toast = 300
orange = 100

so about 1200...

I think only about 1100 - 1200 - you should probably eat more like 1500 minimum but split it through the day more xx

around 1200

i'd say about 1300 to 1400

my guess around 1200

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