Does this make sense and is this healthy?!

Question: Does this make sense and is this healthy?
I'm 5'2", 140 lbs, a size 5, and apparently 25% body fat. Does that make sense at that weight and does it sound healthy or too big?

I'm trying to get down to a size 2/3 and around 125 lbs. Does that sound like a healthy goal at my height? I'm five months postpartum btw and not breast feeding.


Perhaps set a higher goal before you aim for an extreme size of 2/3. Perhaps your goal should be size 4 first? Also, you sound like a very healthy weight, baring your proportions in mind. This answer is rather short because my other information is in a different, yet very similar, question you asked.
Good Luck x

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"Big" is the wrong term really - people ALWAYS call it weight loss but Im the same weight now as I was a year and a half ago (maybe a few lbs heavier) before starting the gym, but i'm 10% lower body fat and therefore 10% higher muscle mass.

You are within a healthy range. For men I would say 17-19% was average, girls add 5% so 22-24% - then add the fact you are pregnant and your body is DEFINATLEY retaining much more fuel/nutrients/water (your body makes sure you have enough fuel for yourself, then more for safety, then MORE for the person growing in you) I would on average throw another 3% in there and say an average 5 month pregnant woman would be between 25-30%.

I cannot possibly give good advice in regards to diet whilst pregnant, and can only suggest you speak to your/A midwife. I think it would be irresponsible for an untrained person to advise you on your diet during pregnancy. Perhaps have a few walks outdoors 3-4 times a week on top of usual activity.

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