Will I grow more or am I done growing?!

Question: Will I grow more or am I done growing?
I wanted to know if people think I am done growing???? My mom is 5'6'' and my dad is 5'8''. But most of my family is REALLY short. And EVERYONE (seriously everyone) stopped growing at age 12-13. I'm 13 and I'm 5'1'' and I haven't grown for a year. Am I done growing? Oh and please don't try to comfort me and say I'll grow just to be nice! I want to know the truth! Thanks. :)
Oh, and also, I eat a normal amount but I exercise a LOT because I'm really into dance.


You are still 13, there are still many years to come for you to continue growing. some may stop growing at the age of 16 and we can predict if our heights will be the same as our parents. Since you are still young, you can take a vitamin that will help you progress in growing. Vitamins will still be useful at your age than taking it after 18-19 years of age.

i can reallty say if you will grow are not bet i cann give you some examples of what happen with me and my cuzin i'm 32 and i'm 5'6 (i've been 5'6 since i was 14) my cuzin was 5'3 untill she was 20 then she had a grow spurt now shes 5'10 dont stress your self out about it eat lots of veggies and good luck

Statistically girls stop growing around 18-19 so you still have time to grow. Don't stress.

You don't have to worry about your growth. Body grows uptill you are 24 to 25 years old!

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