Is this healthy or bad?!

Question: Is this healthy or bad?
So I started a habit, I take some fruits blend them and eat them, so is blending them ok? I don;t want to lose weight but I want to build up muscle(I have a diet for this so this is not included)
I do this every day. Is this healthy?


Yes, this is very healthy!! If you didn't know already, when fruits and other substances such as nuts, yogurt and vegetables etc. are blended together, they make a liquid which goes by the name of a 'smoothie'. Continue your healthy procedure. This is the perfect food to eat when wanting to complete the challenge of building up muscle! As you have not told us what your diet consists of, I will presume you are having a daily intake of Protein and Carbohydrates etc. In addition, make sure you are exercising regularly and exercising with a range, after all, you don't want to do too much of one exercise because that will not provide the results you wish to have, therefore try doing cardio, circuit and aerobic exercises.
Good Luck x

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Absolutely healthy if your concerned about blending vs eating fruit individually. Fruit alone will not put on the mass however, I see you did not not include your diet so I will assume your also taking in protein as well as eating full meals of some kind.

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