how do i lose weight ?!?!

Question: How do i lose weight ?!?
im only 12 and im not fat but im not skinny ... but i just cheeked my weight and iv changed 2 pounds and im 10 stone ... i want to lose weight or starve my self ..... lose weight its reallly hard dieting iv tired... exicirse ehm ? iv tired im too lazy .. HELP i dont want to go throught the pain i had before :/ being made fun of and stuff....


no honey dont starve. youll do more damage then good.

you DONT need ot be worrying about your weight though. its ridiculous. i mean you TWELVE.
also your probobly taller than most people .thats why you weigh more. you are aware that 10 stone is 140 pounds right? dont worry hun your not fat!!! your beautiful!!!

remember- beauty comes from within. im sure your gorgeous inside and out:)

Kids, under 17, don't need to worry about their weight unless it physically stops them from doing certain sports i.e. you can't run because your fat rubs together or something.

That's not you.
"Starve yourself" - sure, if you want, but word of warning your skin will look horrible and you'll feel awful, all the time.

Eat fruit, veg, fish, meat, eggs, yoghurts, wholegrain bread, rice. Walk places. & relax. You're gonna go through puberty and it will all come off.

Eat a bit less junk food. Seriously make the effort. And incorporate some fruits and or vegetables to your diet. You wont need to exercise you will just release the weight naturally. and don't be a fat ***.

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