Do nuts make you gain weight ?!

Question: Do nuts make you gain weight ?
I'm a vegetarian and I started eating a handful of mixed nuts everyday and it helps boosting my metabolism, but I've been told that it makes you gain weight fast! And I love my current weight so I do not want to gain any.


depends on which nuts, almonds and especially walnuts are very good for you, and are rich in healthy fats, so those are the main ones to eat :) (especially walnuts which are rich in omega fatty acids)

Yes some nuts have a high Fat content like peanuts so avoid these if you don't want to gain weight to fast. Do plenty of exercise to burn of fat or have lots of sex that will keep you trim for sure

My brain

Every thing has fat in it just rember every thing in mar duration as long as your not eating the hole thing you'll be fine

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