can walking 2 miles a day help me lose weight?!

Question: Can walking 2 miles a day help me lose weight?
well actually during school terms it's probably like 3 miles a day but anyway at the moment i walk a 2 mile walk every night which i have now been doing for a week and during school terms i walk to and from school i walk about a mile, i have also started to eat healthier I'm eating less, have cut out junk food and coke and basically all fizzy drinks and Ive started eating a lot of fruit. I do need to loose at least 3 stone and I don't need to loose it fast so does any one know if this is a sufficent way of losing weight?


Everything helps, but you need to bear in mind that walking 2 miles only burns off around 170 calories, which is little more than the contents of a packet of crisps that takes about 3 minutes to eat.

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Any walking helps! :) Just get moving.
Or you can try walking for 3 minutes, running for 1, walking for 3, running for one.
Interval training helps you burn more calories and increases your cardiovascular strength.

Just keep in mind that you have to keep at it. It takes 6 weeks to see any real progress if you are already semi-fit.

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Yes it is because u eat healthy and stuff. But walking? I dnt think so....may be just a tiny bit...because if you wanna lose weight...i think u wud have to jog because you sweat when you job. Running is heavier. Walking...doesnt make you sweat. so....i think u wud see a bigger difference running


It's great. Do it every day, after a while it will be too easy and you will want to go farther.

Exercise, cut the sugary drinks and foods, and don't eat deep fried stuff. Those are the best ways. And make sure your drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

Yes but remember exercise is half the solution. eating right is the other half.


No, there needs to be a plan of diet and exercise.

You'll just eat a little more to compensate for the extra calories used.

Walking helps aid weight loss through toning but should not act as your only exercise routine.

You will loose weight, just keep on doing that and after a while you will see that you have.

I think your doing great:) when you get use to walking try fast pace then maybe of luck to you!

yes, a very tiny bit..2 miles is too need 4-5 mile walk

If u continue doing what u r doing u will loss weight

its a help. not ideal . one needs to walk in tow stages for first two weeks eg normal tow minutes, then 1 minute briskly. repeat until at target destination.
later we increase walking to briskly for 50% of time and each stage being 5 Min's long.
eventually when feeling up to it? we include last 5Min's as jogging. this too can be built up to 'running'
we need to work cardio vascular system in stages . walking alone will not be sufficient.
do go swimming for a hour a week and ideally get a bicycle and do 20 Min's a day leading up to an hour a day after 5 weeks.
again cycle in two stages . 2 Min's as normal, 1 min fast . build up to we get 5 min normal and 2 Min's as fast as possible. our heart should feel it done a small workout and if we get a bit of sweat ( not pouring of us) and slight breathlessness we are on track.

Walking is aerobic exercise, so Yes, it can help. In the last few years, I've lost 50 pounds by walking a mile a day and cutting back on what i eat.

Cut back on desserts, foods with high fat content and even starches. Remember, however, to cut BACK not cut out and you will do better. You want a balanced diet low in carbs and fats.

Be sure that your walk is not a casual stroll, but is quick enough to get your muscles moving, and your heart rate up. (You need a minimum of 15 o 20 min of aerobic exercise to make any difference.) I have long legs and can sustain a good speed. (I can cover a mile in about 15- 20 minutes.) Get your pace to where you can sustain it without hurting your legs or back and you will do fine. Drink plenty of water each and everyday.

Don't listen to those who say walking is not enough. IT IS and I"m proof.

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