is P90x good for loosing weight?!

Question: Is P90x good for loosing weight?
I read that it's for building muscle. Here's my thing though. I weight almost 300lbs. Few weeks ago I decided to change my life. I started exercising and eating less. I lost 10lbs so far. I wanted to try P90X because I heard that it gives results. Is it good if you are trying to loose weight or is P90X just too hard for someone that just started exercising few weeks ago? It's not cheap and I want to make sure that I can actually do the program before I buy it. thanks for any help.


P90X is an all around fitness program. It's getting increasingly popular and more and more people are using it to lose weight. It will build muscle, as will any fitness program that involoves resistance training, but it's not designed to get you huge or pack on bodybuilder type mass.

One of the great things with P90X, is for every exercise a cast members will demonstrate a modified move. If you can't do regular push ups, you will learn how to do modified push ups. If you either don't have a pull up bar or can't do pull ups, then you will see how to modify those moves as well.

Like someone else suggested, I would also recommend you consider doing Power 90 first and then working up to P90X. Power 90 is more of a weight loss program and it does involve resistance training, but workout is a full body circuit training workout, so you'll be burning a ton of calories and fat. The program is less intense, which means you'll be less likely to get injured or quit. It is also half the price of P90X, plus all you really need is a resistance band (comes with the program). There are no pull ups either.

I personally started with Power 90 and then moved up to P90X and think it was a smart move.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me by heading over to my blog and looking for the email icon on the top of the right hand side bar. You can also find a video highlighting my initial transformation.

beachbody coach and I've dont multipe rounds of P90X

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my power 90 review:

It includes different programs for different results.

Following one program will build muscle. Following another will focus on losing fat.

So, it depends on which program track you choose.

Also- P90X is geared toward those already in decent shape.

The original, P90 might be a better choice for you and it costs less:…

P90X owner

when you build mucle you lose weight but it is very hard for someone just starting out try walking around a track

loseing weight and loving it

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