how do i know when it's the right time to move up in weight lifting ?!

Question: How do i know when it's the right time to move up in weight lifting ?
I lift 20 lbs for now, working out my triceps and biceps when should i move up to 30 lbs ?


tricky question....and it depends on what your purpose is...are you lifting to get toned and maintain a shape, or are you lifting for power?

20lb dumbells can be entirely sufficient for tricep and bicep work, if your goal is simply to get into reasonable shape and show tone and definition, without looking like an ogre. with 20lb dumbells, your arms can remain proportion, meaning no skinny forearm with a big comic bicep. doing bicep curls and tricep reverse curls with a 20lb dumbell will work your forearm along with the bicep and tricep, simply by holding the dumbell at different angles, with either palms inward towards body, or palm facing outward like a barbell curl.

when you are able to increase the reps per set to about 20 reps per set, with three sets, then its safe to say you can start with 30 lb dumbells. when you use 30 lbs, you should be able to do at least 5 reps with no problem, otherwise its too much.

20's are good for getting the whole arm in reasonable tone and definition, without bulking it up to comic proportions...its a matter of how many reps per set, and the way you do the lifting.

When you can comfortably execute 3 sets of 12 reps you should consider adding weight. 10# may be too much of an incremental increase.

When that weight becomes to easy or your purpose is to bulk up.

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