Acai Berry and colon cleanse diet?!

Question: Acai Berry and colon cleanse diet?
Is this real or a gimmick for money? If it's real is it safe for a breastfeeding mother?


Acai berry is a very healthy product and will be good for your health. The problem is, that is does nothing for weight loss, despite all the claims.

So in short, do not waste your money buying it as a weight loss product.

In fact, I would advise you not to be taking any diet pills while breast feeding and so soon after a pregnancy. No matter how "natural" the company claims the supplements to be.

Hi i drink the mona vie which has the acai berry in it. If you read the bottle it only has natural fruits and vitamins in it. It is okay to take this when breastfeeding im 9 weeks pregnant with my second child im almost 23 and drinking monavie which has the acai berry. It is not a gimmick for money it does work.

I was 15 years old and pregnant when i found out i have a very rare kidney disease. All the doctors said if i was not pregnant woth my son they never would have found it and i would have died of renal failure by the time i was 17.

For years i tried the doctors medications because there is no known cure just steriods and chemotherapy type medications and dialysis. I never did dialysis but i kept getting worse wih horrible side effects. My aunt was taking it for her back because she heard it helped with health problems it was working for her so my mom told the doctor we are not doing any more medication and we are. Trying this. Ive been taking monavie for the last 3 years on and off because it is expensive and we dont always have the money for it. Kidney failure is measured by how many grams of protein your kidneys filture into your urine. Normal people do less than a gram 10 grams is renal failure. Everytime im on the monavie i go into remission less than 1 gram and when i stop using it my counts go up. You decide.

The juice does taste awful and you have to be on it at least a mknth before you start seeing dramatic results but it does wprk and is worth. It balances you to your normal healthy weight you have more energy it helps health problems and even promotes hair growth.

You need to look at what type of acai berry you are taking pill form is not as effective than juice and with the monavie they have different types. All juices have a mix of fruits wih the acai berry like cranberry, blueberry, prune, pear ,grape,kiwi, pomegranate, maqui, bilberry, banana, calcium, vitamin a, other fruits and vitamins and i drink the monavie active which has glucosamine hydrochloride which promotes bone and joint health which is also affected by my kidney disease.

You can look all this up i hope it helps. Good luck i hope it helps u as much as it has helped me.

Drinking monavie with acai for three years and now drinking it while 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby

hell, I wouldnt do either of these, even if I wasnt breastfeeding! I have been where you are now!!!

eat a healthy diet, watch the calories and try to exercise and you will lose the weight.
You do know that breastfeeding chews up calories? you will use up megga calories!

personal experience…

acai berry helps you lose weight, but i doubt cleansing your colon with other stuff is going to aid any in weight loss.
breastfeeding, you shouldn't be trying a diet so soon. not like that... breastfeeding moms need to drink lots of water and get plenty of vitamins and other nutrition before they stop breastfeeding like a person that is not breastfeeding, they require special "breastfeeding diets" don't make up other sorts of diets, it's not natural.

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