Do exercises that build/tighten muscles burn fat too?!

Question: Do exercises that build/tighten muscles burn fat too?
Also do muscle workouts on the Wii Fit burn fat aswell?

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I don't know about Wii (don't have one) but people who lift weights regularly burn more calories while at rest, so you are burning fat all day and night, so long as you are not eating too much.

I know this from experience, because my weight loss had slowed until I starting lifting weights and suddenly I started losing very quickly.

The only way muscle building will also burn fat is if you workouts like Jillian Micheals or the Biggest Loser. Those workouts combine high rep with low weights for strength building while also combining some kind of cardio. So you would have to do both to burn fat while building muscle.

I have not used Wii Fit but I was able to lose 20 pounds doing other Wii games so I would say that it is possible to lose weight with the Wii.

Yes - A: you need to expend calories to perform an exercise
B: those muscles need repairing using fuel (calories)
C: The bodies metabolism increases as various hormone elements (endocrine system) stimulate growth and adaption - i.e. they prepare your body to be able to utilize fuel better to allow you to exercise better (or rather, perform manual tasks better). Less fat is stored, energy such as carbs are expended quicker.

yes it does because you converted the space from fat to muscle . more muscle more energy is need because muscle burns twice as many calories as fat even at rest. so the answer to question number 2 if you have build the mass and you are doing the wii fit then yes it will up to burn fat as well up to 2 hours after the work out.

As long as the amount of calories you burn is greater than the amount of calories you consume, you will lose fat. Best exercise is slow strength training exercises. Best way to burn fat is to avoid fatty foods and greasy foods.

Muscle-building exercises don't burn much fat during the exercise. However, afterwards, when the muscle is repairing and glycogen stores are being replenished, fat is burned.

I would think any exercise would burn fat..or at least calories :)

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