How do you go about getting, not a 6 pack, but a toner stomach?!

Question: How do you go about getting, not a 6 pack, but a toner stomach?
I'm 18, and my fiance' and I are managing his grandparent's campground this year. Now, I wanna be the tonest one there, there's 2 months until camp opens. I'm somewhat insecure, and I don't know why, because I'm 5'7" & about 132 lbs. And I've got somewhat of a flat stomach. I just don't think it's enough. I want to feel good about myself, by making my stomach a little more flat, and my legs, also. How should I do this? Please help! Thanks.


You have to lose total body fat...the part on your stomach will lose per your genetics...typically it is the last body part to loose...well hips in girls can also be last depending on body, just go on a calorie restrictive diet for several weeks....say 800 cals per bay at most, try to get some exercise in there too...and include some core work (crunches always help to tome the tummy...i also like hanging legs raises myself) can make a ton of progress in 8 weeks...go for it...

p.s. lift weights if possible and run.

a very fit guy who runs and lifts 5 days a week...about 12% bodyfat with a minor six pack

Running/ Walking / Jogging will help you in these areas as well as an Ab Routine. I have put together a routine that you are more than welcom to use. You can do this for 4 weeks then you'll need a new routine.
The Art of a Warrior Ab Workout (Do 3 Sets of Each Exercise, 15 Reps Each, In order) Cross off each set when completed.

For Example Monday’s Workout Do 15 Weighted Crunches, 15 Hanging Knee Raises, 15 Weighted Reach Over Double Crunch then cross off all the # 3′s when completed. Then do all the exercises again Cross off all the # 2′s. Then do all the exercises in this order again cross off all #1′s and your Ab Workout is Complete.

Do Stretching after workout!

MONDAY – Weighted

1 2 3 Weighted Crunch
1 2 3 Hanging Knee Raise
1 2 3 Weighted Reach Over Double Crunch taking one dumbbell in both hands over knee
TUESDAY – Non Weighted

1 2 3 Three position scissors legs at 90/ 45/ 15 degrees (5 reps per degree/angle)
1 2 3 V-up Stability ball pass
1 2 3 In and Out Plank on Stability Ball (feet on ball)

THURSDAY – Weighted

1 2 3 Medicine Ball Crunch
1 2 3 V-Up w/medicine ball
1 2 3 Ankle Weighted Scissors
FRIDAY – Weighted / Non Weighted

1 2 3 Flutter kicks
1 2 3 Low Pulley Cable Crunch
1 2 3 Hanging Leg Raise
SATURDAY – Ab w/Slides & Back

1 2 3 Furniture Slide Mountain Climbers (slides on feet)
1 2 3 Furniture Slide Slide Outs (on knees place hands on one furniture slide, slide in and out)
1 2 3 Superman

Note: Oval Furniture Slides (referenced in Saturday’s workout) Can be purchased @ just about any store that sells furniture.

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