How much weight would I lose if.....?!

Question: How much weight would I lose if.....?
Okay, I am 14 yrs old 220 lbs (ya im fat)... If I stop drinking soda, and go to 1800cals a day, And exercise 4times a week for 45mins, how much approx would I lose in 2months.(I jog/walk as exercise)

I started bout 3weeks ago (and doing good just to let yall know) :D


I would guess 10-16 lbs. (maybe) the most you would lose would be 16 because you're only supposed to lose 2 lbs a week. make sure you're drinking lots of water and eating mostly vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. that 1800 calories can't be junky and fatty foods or it won't work as well. good luck. :)

Depends on your body. With mild exercise (make sure you are getting your heart rate up), and a good diet, you might lose around 20. Some people plateau though; if this happens, you may need to increase exercise or adjust your routine in some way. This is also why an occasional small slip up is okay because it keeps your body from getting too used to routine and plateauing. Good luck.

I'm not sure how much exactly you would lose, depends on a lot of factors... But if you want to get "fit" then just stay motivated. Continue to walk/jog daily and you'll see results in no time! Honestly though, you have to cut out more then just soda.. stop eating all of the sugary school snack and cookies and chips! Don't think about the long term weight lose, just think about losing a certain amount of weight (5 pounds) then after you lose that, then do another 5.

I'm 16 and am very fitness oriented/

If you just replace water with soda, and cut out chips and crap, and fast food, you will lose a lot of weight over time with just that.

Maybe 20 to 30 lbs.

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