Is 80 kg overweight for a 13 year old?!

Question: Is 80 kg overweight for a 13 year old?
I'm a 13 year old girl i measure 5"2 and i need help fast! i tried to go on a diet and got down to 70kg which i was really proud of-too proud! i decided i could treat myself but i went to far and all the weight have creeped back on!


First of all, good news for you! You can easily slim down and much faster than any other age group as you have the highest metabolism rate. You only need to note three things; Diet, Exercise and Motivation.

On Diet, you need the most nutrient during this period. What you eat will determine your health and physics for the rest of your adulthood. That means, if you don’t slim down during this period, you are likely to get fat always in your adulthood. Also you will likely to be sick easily for the rest of your life. You need to have a balance diet with the correct food like protein, fats, vitamins, etc. (Ladies, if you eat too little, you are likely to have small breast and butt for life). You can’t to be choosy on food. Refer to the blog at the end if you don’t know what you need to eat.

Exercise is at this period, you are able to lose weight fast and develop your muscle too. Exercise every other day for 30 ~ 45 minutes, 3 times a week. Left one day for rest. Cardio exercise like jogging swimming, dancing, aerobics, etc are good to reduce fat fast. Hula loops are good for tummy; others exercise that targets at different part of the body can be refer to the blog at the end of the page.

Lastly, is your will to slim down. You can all set goals to lose weight. But if you did not have the will or you left the goals unchecked. You are unlikely to succeed although you are in the high metabolism group. Also at the blog, you can find ways how to encourage yourself to achieve your goal setting.

I used to be 185 lbs, I manage to lose weight to 125 lbs in a short time and maintain a healthy 133 lbs for many years.



For your age and height id say 80k is too much. If you look up a BMI calculator it would tell you the "general" weight vs height fitness ratio. Its not ideal but it gives you and idea of where your supposed to be. Your body type plays a huge role in weight gain and loss. Since you said the weight just "crept" back id have to say you have an endomorphic build. The best advice i can give for this build is lots of cardio and proper diet. Dont stop your proper dieting. Im not saying you cant treat yourself but with that kind of body build, its very easy to gain weight. (By diet i mean eating healthy) Its gonna be tough but if you already lost 10k you can lose it again plus more if you are dedicated.

Not just overweight, you're obese. You went on a diet, but you couldn't control yourself. A diet isn't just crunching numbers and burning calories, it's a change in lifestyle.

Don't read these fad diets, don't start calculating calories or whatever, since that doesn't work. All you need to remember are these four words: Eat less, move more.

Look at what you're eating. You don't need to see the nutritional information just to determine that something's unhealty. Is it greasy? Nope. Is it salty? Nope. Is it very sweet? Nope. And when you lose 10 kg (which is quite an achievement), don't "celebrate" by going back to your old habits. Celebrate by staying on your new lifestyle.

Yes I am sorry :( But ignore some of the mean comments, especially the one that said "when i was 13 i weight 86 pounds" Thats just stupid because when your 13 everybodys bodies are different I weight about 100. But You need to try and lose weight. Talk to your mom or dad about getting you some help. Dont worry too much, BE PROUD TO BE YOU! WHOOO! YEA YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY BABY

try some of that stuff that Ronnie from Jersey shore is selling. Plus, mix that with lipitor and hydroxycut and maybe you can start looking less like a whale and more like a human being. eat less and show some self control. holy crap...


yes, a bit. Eat healthy things at every meal, cut the sugars and get a half hour or more of exercise a day and you will be back in business! Good luck!

OMG you weigh 176lbs. Yes, that is overweight for someone who is only 5'2, and only 13 years old.
When I was 13, I was weighing like 86lbs.

no you need to keep eating and gain more! you are too skinny!

yes,.don't worry, im the same age as you though im 8st. play sports

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