Do you think I ate healthy today?!

Question: Do you think I ate healthy today?
I`m trying to be healthier =) So, pretty much I ate three packets of maple brown sugar oatmeal and vegetable soup and that`s all I`ll be eating today. I am currently drinking water with two small slices of lemon in it. I have a bmi of about 21 or 20 btw but the scale always lies I just felt the need to add that because your food portions and all that change according to your size I think. Thanks!


no unforunetly u did not eat well
u ate all processed and sugary foods.

The majortity of us know that we need to lose that extra weight. Just think of the health advantages and your looks. Here is something to think about, if one is 14 pounds ( One Stone) overweight, then you are carrying the exact of a 14 pound bag of potatoes around with you all day and every day. So stop putting it off about it and take steps NOW. The longest journey starts with the first step.
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The maple brown sugar whatever that you ate- sounds like WAY too much sugar/processed carbs.

If you cut out simple sugars altogether (lactose, fructose, sucrose) then you'd lose weight SO much faster.

You ate THREE packs of oatmeal? Why?

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