Is 30 too old to lift weights and gain muscle mass?!

Question: Is 30 too old to lift weights and gain muscle mass?

Absolutely not. You can build muscle in your 90's! Just make sure you eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. After you lift, maybe within 1/2 hour or so, have something with protein, maybe, Turkey Sandwich, or a yogert. Also, you may want to go to the bookstore and pick up a couple of books on how to lift weights (Weight lifting for Dummies is good, very thorough and informative). Make sure you warm up first, and stretch out your muscles at the end and also during your workout. Just be patient, it does take a little time to see results. Most important, be consistant with your workouts. Have fun!!!

Personal Experience

Oh please. I started *really* doing intense workouts last summer when I turned 29, and have since completed Insanity, P90X, and I'm on Week 9 of P90X Insanely Reloaded Plus (a hybrid routine). Your body will thank you for the exercise, regardless of your age.

My 2 cents.

Of course not. There are senior citizens in physical therapy that are working on building muscle mass every single day.


Not a chance. Unless you have an injury preventing you from working out, there is no age limit on being in shape. When we stop growing, we die.

Absolutely not

haha no way man, my dad is in his late 40's and he still goes hard at the gym.

no i hear about ppl starting when the senior citizens

no, i'm 58, do a lot of outdoor work and can still benchpress 400 lbs.

Um.. NO

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