Why do i only have wisdom teeth on one side of my mouth?!


Why do i only have wisdom teeth on one side of my mouth?

I just noticed that i have wisdom toothh on the right side of my mouth. on the left side, there is a gap/absense of a tooth. there is nothing growing there at all.

i'm 21yrs old and i was wondeirng if it will grow in as i get older or am i just going to have a gap there forever?


Well there are two options here: 1. You don't have wisdom teeth on your left side. It is becoming more common for people to be missing one, some, or all of their wisdom teeth. Since most mouths are too small and also because the extra teeth are just not necessary, our bodies have evolved to not having them anymore. The other option is that your wisdom teeth on your left side are impacted. This simply means they are still in the gum. They could be coming in at a slower pace than the others or they could be stuck and might never come in. You should see an oral surgeon (check the yellow pages or ask your dentist) to get x-rays. The doctor will tell you whether or not it is necessary to get the teeth removed (sometimes it is necessary because it can cause pain and damage to your other teeth). Good luck!

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