Do I need braces?!

Question: Do I need braces for spaced front top middle teeth and crooked bottom front teeth

Answers: Do I need braces for spaced front top middle teeth and crooked bottom front teeth

The factors to consider regarding the need for braces are either functional or aesthetic. Functional problems are those that cause difficulty chewing, talking or painful bite. What you are describing is an aesthetic issue. These are of a more personal nature. Do you NEED braces? Probably not. Do you want them? Are you happy with your smile as it it? That is the issue you need to address. If you feel you would like to improve your appearance, then the answer is that you should have them.

Technically...You don't need braces, but if you want straight teeth and a nice smile, then yes you should.

If it was me then I would get braces, but is your smile something you like or just something you are embarrased by? Ask your dentist for a second (or 3rd) opinion!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

From your small description, you probably do.
That's not up to us to decide though- go see your dentist. They'll recommend an orthodontist. After all that's done, they'll determine whether you need braces or not. The price is quite high nowadays, but it's worth it.

probably. talk to ur parents/ dentist.

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