Any tips/suggestions for yellow teeth?!


Any tips/suggestions for yellow teeth?

YES!, i brush them! i brush them twice a day and even use sensodyne whitening toothpaste. any tips/foods/toothpastes to suggest to me to help me teeth glow with whiteness!!

they say apples & stawberries help? anything else??

p.s they are NOT gross yellow but white as well as yellow. i just want white teeth!!!


You may brush them but do you use elbow grease and for a decent amount of time? I say this as my daughter didnt brush her well enough and they ended up yellowish when she was 13. I then started a rule she had to brush them for the length of her fav song lol it worked!!
That stay away from coffee, tea ( unless brushing right afterwards), artificial colourings in food.
Also go to your dentist for a polish and then keep up the brushing =D
Good luck

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