When can I start using mouthwash after getting wisdom teeth cut out?!


When can I start using mouthwash after getting wisdom teeth cut out?

My breath has been so nasty after getting my wisdom teeth pulled!! I know there is no infection though.


I just hand my wisdom teeth out and the dentist said the first day to rinse with warm salt water several times the first day especially after eating and brush your teeth each time. The next day I put a tblsp of mouthwash in a quarter cup of warm water and just shook it around ( they said not to force swish or force spit for several days) then let it just fall out of my mouth. The reason to rinse is not to only fight off infection or for bad breath but to make sure no food or foreign particles get into the areas to prevent dry socket. They say it really hurts to have so I have been very careful. I guess I have been one of the lucky ones - I've heard some real horror stories - and didn't have much pain afterwards. I was careful how I ate (even a steak and cheese hogie the second day!) and rinsed real well after. Mine cut in when I was 24 and I am 38 and just had mine taken out on the 28th of June. I hope you are not hurting bad.

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