I am gonna have a ortho appoint ment soon...?!

Question: is there anything i should know?

Answers: is there anything i should know?

He's first going to examine your teeth, check your facial bone, and see what type of treatment you need. If you're qualified for braces, he'll then ask you what braces you want and type of payment plan.

Then you'll get X-rayed, pictured (for before and after purposes), your teeth molded, and you'll get spacers all on the same day.


no there nothin big

it's pretty simple.
if you have a continair for your retainer, bring it.
make sure your wearing your elastics, and your teeth are super duper clean.

Good luck!

you're getting braces...that might be important to know

Not really. Just make sure to brush your teeth before going over and wear something to make your lips moist so they don't crack or anything when they look at your teeth. And bring a book or something to do while you are waiting.

get ready for the pain

depends on iff its ur very first apptment

nope just stay like calm =D
i hate the dentist but I have braces (lush!) so i've gotta go to the orthodentist every 6 weeks.
nowt you need to know its nothing to worry about


no i used to be nervous to go to the otrtho but they wont do anything painful........if you need anything major done it takes more than one appointment and they give you stuff so you dont feel it...... you dont have anything to worry about....ive had braces and all that fun stuff.....

. Probably not, BUT the doc has to know everything that's bothering you.
Write down a list of what hurts, when, and how long. What have you done to injury yourself, or what have you done to fix the problem?
Inquiring minds, the doc's, wants to know.

Is this is your first appointment then it will most likely be a consultation. The Dr. will examine your teeth, take some X-rays and then make a mold of your teeth. The mold part is a little uncomfortable......it's plaster put in a plate that shapes your teeth. You have to sit there for a minute with it in your mouth while it sets up a good impression of your teeth. Aside from this.....no problems. Good luck.


4 your first app. is just gonna be you, a parent / guardian, and the doctor talking. i think they might take pix of your teeth too but idk if that was the second app. or the first.

it's no big deal the first two app's.

brush and floss before the appointment. if you don't, they may ask you to go brush and floss in the little brushing area. other than that, be prepared to be told when you get them and all that fun stuff.

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