Is it normal when a 6 year old has an extra teeth?!


Is it normal when a 6 year old has an extra teeth?

behind two others she hasn't lost yet?
I dont know if it is but it's really painful for her and she's crying really bad. She says she's had them but they just hurt really bad today.

Is there something that can ease the pain and is this normal or not??


It sounds like you are describing front baby teeth that are loose and the permanent teeth are coming in "behind" them rather than directly pushing out the baby teeth from below. This happens frequently on the middle two lower front teeth, but it can happen on the top teeth, too. Usually pain is because the gums get swollen and sore under the baby teeth from the sharp edges on their partially dissolved roots. When a child bites and chews with the sharp-edged baby teeth, they pinch and cut the gums a little bit.

To ease her pain, you can get a product at the drugstore like Orajel to apply to her gums directly which will help when she's eating. You can give her whatever you give her for a headache or fever, like Tylenol or Advil, which will help with "achy" pain that hurts when she's not eating.

If the baby teeth are loose, help your daughter wiggle the teeth until they are loose enough to come out easily. If they are not loose, you can make an appointment with your dentist, who can numb the area and extract the baby teeth. Her permanent teeth will move where they're supposed to be once the baby teeth are gone. The pain will disappear as soon as the baby teeth are gone, promise!

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