On Tuesday I had a wisdom tooth break and had it pulled I had the tooth in front!


On Tuesday I had a wisdom tooth break and had it pulled I had the tooth in front of it which was my molar?

pulled to but because of the wisdom tooth it had pushed it into the bone so they had to break it in piece and cut the bone to get it out. As long as I take the vicdon every 6 hours (i take a half a pill every 3) and the Ibprofin I'm fine Anyways how long should the pain last. I called the doctor two days ago and told them what was going on she prescribed another anti inflammatory so I could open my mouth (i couldn't open enough to eat and was getting sick because i was taking meds on an empty stomach). I would think the pain should be decreasing. I tried to stop the vic and take Tylenol but that doesn't even put a dent in the pain so back on vic I am. I go in tomorrow to check for dry socket but the i doubt thats it I can see the blood clot and its starting to heal nicely. It did say some of the sings were bad odar i the mouth which i dont have but I do have a nasty taste


I would recommend anti inflammatory meds. like Advil, Aleve or Motrin over Tylenol. Rinse with warm salt water as often as possible. Put hot, wet towels on your jaws to help sooth the tired muscles. Your jaw may have been over stressed by staying open so wide so long. Drink some Ensure or Slim Fast if you can't open. Or drink milk shakes. It sounds like you had a pretty bad extraction to have to heal from. It just takes time. Your bad taste is from not being able to clean very well and the Vicoden will most likely make your mouth dry. Swish with some Act fluoride that is minty. Good luck.

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