Wats a good power toothbrush?!

Question: under 20

Answers: under 20

Seriously, my dentist tried to sell me one that's like, $125, which I did not buy. I use the Crest Spin Brush. It's only $8 and the heads are replaceable. My teeth feel nice and clean. I also floss. It's nice and cheap.

sonicare with a timer

oral b

Braun Oral B. It's the most recommended by dentists. My sister is a dentist and she told me it's the best on the market.

try the oral b vitality its only about $20 and its amazing i used it before i got my braces and i use it now that i have them and it cleans like a pro dentist (no kidding)

Oral B is pretty good, but in my "professional opinion" the brush w/ the best RESEARCH behind it is the Sonicare. I like the "elite" model...there's a newer one, the "flex" something which is ok, but you don't have to spend the extra money.

you'll pay mabye 130 or so at Walmart or target for that, but my office sells them for about 100.

If you're looking to spend 20 bucks, any thing will be the same. there's no big clinical advantage,; it's just a labor saving device. If you want something that's really going to do something BETTER, get Sonicare (or braun, but i personally use sonicare.)

good luck!

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