How do you whiten your teeth?!

Question: I am a coffee and tea drinker and the insides of my teeth are .... well, ugly brown!

Answers: I am a coffee and tea drinker and the insides of my teeth are .... well, ugly brown!

The dentists do a good job but they're really expensive and unimbursed. The white strips in the drugstores are very good. Don't pick the "strongest" meaning the ones that need less time and promise more white, go gentle. There are many brands, all pretty good. I had mine done at the dentist once and I noticed even he did not go beyond the front teeth... What's the point of paying a fortune then?

Aqua fresh trays or Crest whiting strips

or u could brush with stronger tooth paste

go to your dentist and have them take impressions and make bleaching trays. then try something called REV it's a daily whitening system that causes very MINIMAL sensitivity. things like crest whitestrips, and most conventional bleaching systems cause LOTS of sensitivity to cold, heat, even air and make whitening very uncomfortable. make sure you don't get any of the solution on your gum tissue, it may cause a burning feeling. if money is not an issue try ZOOM it's a 2 hour in-office instant whitening treatment.

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