How does Delta Dental handle multiple policies within a family?!


How does Delta Dental handle multiple policies within a family?

I have had Delta Dental coverage for a number of years for my family. My daughter just went through a treatment of braces that went over the "lifetime limit" of $1000 per person. Unfortunately she still requires additional treatment and we're looking at about $3000 more.

My wife is about to reenter the workforce and her employer also offers Delta Dental. What I would like to know is if Delta Dental will look at my daughter as a new account if we pick up coverage through my wife's employer? I wouldn't want to purchase Delta Dental twice if the coverage doesn't reset. I realize that most insurance companies won't allow multiple claims against the same incident (i.e. double payments) but if I drop my Delta Dental and go with my wifes, does Delta Dental lifetime limits reset?


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Of course, this depends on the plan, so I'll speak in general terms:

If your daughter is not currently in treatment and you pick up a different plan, your wife's plan should pay out up the the new plan's lifetime max (if there is an orthodontic benefit.) Delta offers hundreds of different plans, each with their own clauses and restrictions.

The best way to find out is to call Delta and tell them about your situation. If you know your wife's new group number, they should be able to tell you if "another" ortho max will apply for your daughter.

Email me if you want more details.

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