Flossing Question...?!


Flossing Question...?

Okay ...this is going to sound terrible but I just recently started to floss. I know, but at least I'm flossing now. My question is when I floss my gums kind of bleed and it smells a little bit is that normal?


You probably have periodontal disease. Not sure which stage, but when is the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Might want to look into that if it has been a while. You can actually become sick from not getting it done regularly. Continue to brush and floss and rinse with warm salt water after wards 3 times a day to help with the gums.

Quackpot is definitely a quack... DO NOT use thread to floss with. Dental Floss has a wax on it which is necessary to floss correctly with. Rubbing alcohol should never be ingested, it is not used for those purposes.

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