What is an obitory? (sp.)?!


What is an obitory? (sp.)?

Court reporter trying to find out what the hell this chick is saying. She is a dentist talking about a treatment room. Can't find the word anywhere. Is it easy and I'm trying too hard??? Thanks!

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3 weeks ago
Believe me, I know how to ask questions if I don't understand something. I'm no stranger to it. But as a court reporter, I can't just interrupt, and after four and a half hours of testimony, it's pretty easy to forget you heard a confusing word. Unfortunately, it isn't operatory. Thanks for all of your help!


It seems like you were to embarrassed to just ask the woman up front to repeat the word and spell it out for you. It's a shame because now here you are stuck like chuck.

Word of advice, even if you're not asking for it, ALWAYS ask about something you have no clue even if it means letting someone know that you don't know everything.

If you discover after the interview you're not sure what exactly it was they said, always have at least an email address for your contacts and a phone number to call them back. Most people will be cool with that.

Just don't be afraid to seem ignorant in certain subjects. It's ok to not know everything. Most people will be ok with filling you in with the details you don't know about.

Good luck with your search because I looked for the word and similar words and I found nothing. The other word I found was "orbitomy" which is a surgery.

I would just go with dental treatrment room until you actually find the word you're looking for. Good luck girl.

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