The best teeth whitening kit even?!


The best teeth whitening kit even?

here is a great tip, i have tried them all from friends of this forum and not one has posted this one.
the very best one is rapid white with blue light cost £30 from boots the chemist you paint your teeth with 2 product then turn on the light it accelerates the whitening, after just 6 minutes i could see a slight improvement, the light has a timer for 2 minutes they say do 4 minutes a day but i do 6 minutes a day, you can get a refil kit for £8.00 however ive done 30 minutes up to now and the results are amazing 4 shades whiter and the yellowing is almost gone, it takes 2 hours of use to get you teeth like a film star, yes its true, by the way the battery runs for only 20 minutes so get one you can re charge, i feel i have to share this because im a smoker and tried loads of product that never gave the result i want, you can buy it from the internet also its slightly cheaper, please post a reply once you have tried it, good luck.


Thanks, I'll get one tomorrow to give it a try. How long does the pack last you before you need a refill?

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