Retainer doesnt fit? do i force it it?!


Retainer doesnt fit? do i force it it?

so i got my braces off 4 years ago, i wore my retainer religiously and what not, i went off to college this past year and i slacked on wearing it, i almost never wore my retainers. my top teeth are fine, but my bottom teeth are kinda messed. its only one tooth actually, its sticking out a big, crooked like. my bottom retainer fits, if i force it to, and it hurts a lot. should i wear it? i am going to my ortho tomorrow for the first time in 4 years! will he be able to give me a new retainer to shift my tooth back? or will i have to get braces again?


DEFINETELY DONT FORCE IT! it's a good idea to go to the Orthodontist, they'll help. it depends on if the tooth is very bad off or just a little bit crooked. But i think if it's only one tooth, then he'll just give you a new retainer- but wear that one a lot!

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